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September 20, 2013

The Microsoft DOJ Trial Pt.2

The Saint gets fired, founds WildTangent and has an unfortunate pop-tart experience… and the DOJ trial begins.

The Microsoft DOJ Trial Pt.1

The Saint recounts, firsthand, the events that led to Microsoft’s decline beginning with the Microsoft DOJ trial

The Advent of Web 3D

A brief history of the evolution of web 3D, The Saints role in pioneering it and why everyone else is an idiot, as usual…

June 5, 2013

Creating an “Ideal” Game Publishing Market

An article for your inner-economist on how Microsoft and Sony should structure their online services to compete with Apple and Facebook for game content and audiences

May 22, 2013

Early DirectXBOX Stories

Yes the name XBOX is short for DirectXBOX and the glowing green X used to be a radiation symbol logo for the Microsoft skunkworks project code named “Manhattan” to develop DirectX. An extra leg was added to the radiation symbol to make it PC…

OpenGL vs D3D (the dirty laundry)

“top secret” email threads and Boot interviews from the days of the OpenGL vs Direct3D debate

May 7, 2013

DirectX Memorabelia

Crazy DirectX Memorabelia, direct from The Saints garage

Found DirectX Time Capsule

The Saint finds an unopened DirectX time capsule in his garage from 1997

March 16, 2013
One Comment

Microsoft FleshPresser

Microsoft’s denial about Apples leadership in video delivery on the PC because of QuickTime’s popularity among porn consumers provides a politically correct opportunity for DirectX to solve the problem.


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